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Day creams, night creams, serums, moisturisers, face masks and more


Everything from shampoo & conditioner to masks and treatments


Wide range from powders, foundation, mascara, lipstick and waxing products


Exciting tanning products including spray solution, liquids, mousse and more

product formula
Here’s what you
Need to know.
Creating your own beauty product and branding is by no means easy. We’ve done the hard work for you in most steps, which enables you to jump in with your ideas.


Existing base and aroma formulas that have passed legislation and ready to be made under your brand. Mix and match ingredients and aromas to suit your needs.

Available from toiletry size product to commercial bottles, refills and packaging.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) 3000 units per item.

Approximate lead time for delivery is 8 to 12 weeks.



Requires all legal legislation to be passed on formula, ingredient and scent. Takes longer to produce and ensures a unique quality. Looking to replicate current products is common practice and our science team will confirm whether your project is viable, and always able to suggest alternatives.

If you are looking to create a professional brand and product range, this is the best solution.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) 3000 units per item.

Approximate lead time for delivery is 12 to 16 weeks.

Zero testing on
Animals of any kind.
We should all strive for a better cleaner future and that includes zero cruelty to animals of any kind for any reason. You can be sure that everything we manufacture has never and will never be tested on animals.


Proudly state to your customers that your new brand is 100% animal cruelty free.

If you are looking to further your support and wish to register with organisations like PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society, we can also help you with this.

zero animal testing
cleaner environment
Make it a
Cleaner environment.
Careful consideration should be taken when choosing your product container type. Clear and precise labels and printing must be applied to all containers including ingredient and content size. All our containers are environmentally sound and sustainable.


HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) or PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Recyclable Plastics – great for wet areas and perfect for throwing in your recycling bin.

PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) – part of the circular economy and used from other plastics, made into other plastics.

Aluminium – silver, shiny and recyclable. Light doesn’t penetrate through the container, keeping product inside fresh.

Premium Glass – heavier to transport, slightly imperfect when applying labels and breakable.



Options available are in single or multiple colour print directly to the container (recommended) and label printing and wrapping to the container.

Choosing either option for your product containers should be considered carefully to achieve your desired effect.

Both options are available for your product range subject to your order levels and different product types.

Environmentally friendly packaging of your products come in various shapes and sizes subject to order level.

Looking to go
Vegan and Organic.
Utilising some of the worlds greatest natural ingredients is by far the most beneficial product to manufacture. The worlds population is on-board with natural herbs, oils and extracts (recommended). You may wish to stay away from natural ingredients and choose an alternative route which we can assist with.


You should be aware of your market place and where you are aiming your product range. Consumer, trade and wholesale are the main areas which you should consider carefully.

vegan organic
design packaging marketing
Design and
Marketing strategy.
Easily overlooked yet vitally important to your product range. Working with your design team, or going solo, we will assist in the best way possible to make your brand stand out from the crowd. You may look for a commercial and corporate look, to colourful and zany, the choice is yours. We are geared for packaging and distribution of products ensuring worldwide consignments arrive on time to business and consumers.


Creativity is a gift and an art form. We can work together with your own design team, or provide the full design for you, or your team can do all the work and we will provide the dimensions to suit your product containers.

Use your own marketing team, or we can provide you our marketing team service for Google Ads and Social Media Campaign strategy.



Product inner and outer packaging is just as important as your product branding. Service is provided if you require special design for product packaging, like the box your product comes in.

Delivery and distribution of your product can be created to suit your needs. The best solution is for our Salon Fulfilment team to handle all of your deliveries including wholesale, trade and consumer orders. Or, you may wish the full consignment be delivered to you.

Options to you.
Use ingredients that have already passed legislation and certification, ready to go, they just need your brand label. Private Label is a complete bespoke product and brand solution, requires more time, work and effort. This is where you would also consider trademarking your brand and product range.


A quicker solution to launching your brand name and product range. Taken from our library of approved product ingredients, you hit the ground running typically using our pre-made products including shampoo and conditioners, body scrubs and moisturisers, hand wash and hand creams to hand sanitisers.



More extensive solution to creating your own product range and brand from concept to manufacture and delivery. If you’re looking to create a statement and launch a professional product range, this is the solution for you.

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    So, you’re looking to Launch You Own Brand. This service has been carefully designed and crafted for you. Individual or existing business, your new project starts here.

    A tailored service is available for each project that best fits your needs. We are well equipped to handle a full service solution which is available to White Label and Private Label options.

    Options include:
    Project viability
    Ingredients sourced worldwide
    Logo, label and colour design
    Container selection
    Brand trademark registration
    Company registration
    Domain name
    Website and hosting
    Marketing on social media, google ad, video, professional voiceover
    Fulfilment Service for worldwide delivery to consumer, trade and wholesale

    Hair and Beauty Salons, Hotels, Spas and Health Centres to Commercial and Corporate business in finance, legal and travel typically use our pre-made product ranging from shampoo and conditioners, body scrubs and moisturisers, hand wash, soaps, hand creams to hand sanitisers. These products are ready to go, and just need branding with your printed label.

    Choose White Label when:

    You want to get to market faster.
    You don’t have design and development budgets.
    You have a brand demand but no product to fulfil it.
    You don’t want or need to be an expert in this product range.
    The White Label Choices meet your quality requirements.

    The Private Label service is open to the individual or business wanting to create and Launch Your Own Brand. Private Label is more expensive, requires more work and offers you a fantastic way to produce a very special range of products. You will have our full support and access to TeamLUXE that will guide you through all the process to move your Ambition to Action.

    Choose Private Label when:

    You want to create and design your own product and brand.
    The product that you design is better or different to any white label product offering.
    You intend to manufacture your product.
    You want to trademark your brand for UK, EU and Global status (recommended).

    Yes absolutely. Once signed up for White Label or Private Label we will assign you a dedicated account manager complete with a direct dial number. You will always be able to contact our customer service team for anything else.

    Yes, absolutely. We provide all necessary Barcodes for product, product range, packaging, inner boxing, outer boxing and pallet consignment.

    Yes absolutely. If you choose Salon Fulfilment you can do both. Unfortunately, we can’t send to a PO BOX.

    You should always be aware of your stock levels and never allow it to run low that you run out before replacement stock arrives. It’s an obvious statement, but it happens.

    If you are using Salon Fulfilment with us, then all stock control is monitored and your account manager will keep you informed and up to date with stock levels. We will set a minimum level of current stock before notifying you of reordering replacement stock. However, you are free to reorder whenever you need.

    Subject to your product type there’s everything from small toiletries to commercial 5 litre and refills.

    An internal design and marketing team that provides a dynamic service for you to Launch Your Own Brand. Everything is taken into account including logo’s, colour, styling, container, size, and moving on to marketing on social media and Google Ads. Taking it further, TeamLUXE provide video graphic creation and professional voice overs.

    An internal IT professional service, TeamATLAS design and develop high-end shopping cart solutions with dynamic bespoke Admin Management offering full control over stock purchase, sales, orders, fulfilment, payments, and more.

    WooCommerce Shopping Cart

    Prices start from £2,300 for a WooCommerce shopping cart, theme and important security features with 12 months FREE Hosting and website updates, Domain Name and 20 email boxes, configuration to Stripe and PayPal for accepting international currency and subscription payments. Includes listing maximum of 250 individual product lines, descriptions, variations, pricing and product images.

    Laravel Shopping Cart

    High-end bespoke dynamic solution designed for professionals with a starting price of £15k. Everything for this solution is designed specifically around your new or existing business. A cloud based development with load balancing and security features are inclusive.