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Kadus Blonding Powder Lightener Dust free 2 X 500g

£11.08£61.85 ex vat available on subscription
Kadus Professional Blonding Powder is a dust-free hair lightener suitable for all hair colours and types. Kadus Blonding Powder formula lifts the hair up to 7 levels. Has a dust-free formula Brightens up to 7 levels Helps to control the hair brightening Enables to achieve any shade of blonde Suitable for on and off scalp brightening techniques Kadus Professional Blonding Powder formula is enriched with binding lipids, which help to retain the moisture inside the hair fibres and are protect them from drying out.

Kadus Men Shift It Matt Clay 75ml

£5.65 £5.26 ex vat
Kadus Professional Men Shift It matt clay is recommended for styling the hair. It is suitable for home and professional use. Hold level 1 of 4 Provides a matt finish Provides a texture Enables creating a creative hairstyle Leaves the hair soft and flexible Kadus Men clay has a flexible, soft formula, which allows for easy and fast hairstyle. It gives a matte finish with possibility to restyle the hair as often as required. It is perfect for everyday hair styling. Additionally, the hair clay is easy to wash off.

Kadus Professional Spray Lock It Hairspray 500ml

£5.99 £5.34 ex vat
The Kadus Lock It Extreme Hairspray provides exceptionally strong hold for up to 24 hours. Suitable for all hair types. Extremely strong hold Provides 48 hours protection Shields hair from moisture and heat Provides UV protection No stickiness No greasy layer It contains a 3D-Sculpt micro-polymer complex, which provides very strong hold thanks to its high fibre fragmentation. With its elastic structure, it also allows for re-styling hair later on in the day. Additionally, panthenol moisturises hair, increasing its volume and shine.

Kadus Professional Fix It Spray

£3.59£3.71 ex vat
Kadus Professional Fix It strong hold hairspray is the perfect tool for a reliable and long-lasting hold. This hairspray has a completely new formula that is based on the 3D-Sculpt technology, which operates with the help of micropolymers, it creates a three-dimensional structure between the hairs, which in return creates a stable and reliable hold. This hairspray can be easily applied to the hair and it dries quickly, without leaving a sticky residue. Hair will be held in place without added weight, stickiness or loss of mobility. Your hairstyle will look natural and will easily get back in its regular shape with a simple combing. Formula also contains panthenol, which deeply penetrates the hair and has a nourishing effect, restores the optimal moisture levels. Hair will be smooth, strong and shiny. As a result, your hairstyle will stay perfect for up to 24 hours and your hair will receive additional nutrition and acquire a natural shine. Application: Shake before use. Spray onto hair from a distance of 25-30cm. To add additional volume, spray directly onto the roots of the hair.

Kadus Coil Up Curl Cream 200ml

£6.23 £4.80 ex vat
Kadus Coil Up Curl Definition Cream Give your client killer curls with Kadus Curl Definition Cream. The multi-purpose rich formula of this Curl Definition cream deeply moisturises curly hair, banishing frizz and protecting against damage caused by heat exposure. Ideal for thick, unruly hair, this styling cream from Kadus adds professional definition to your client's curls, delivering a flexible, natural hold with high shine. This Curl Definition Cream from Kadus can be used as a finishing touch on dry hair or as added protection and firmer hold on towel-dried hair before blow-drying and heat styling