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Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Super Hold Foam 500ml

£5.90£33.63 ex vat
offers ultra strong hold for any style and any length hair Also helps to create volume and lift at the root Non-crisp finish for beautiful, bouncy hair Silhouette super hold mousse provides ultimate style support enquiries

Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Super Hold Hair Spray

£5.33£33.23 ex vat
The Silhouette Super Hold series products has been created to support fixation of any hair shape. Includes gel, mousse, hair spray and lotion. Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Super Hold Hair Spray 750 ml All the Silhouette line products consist of specific polymer that creates a uniqe layer on hair and provides an incredible fixation. Silhouette Super Hold hair spray fixes hair strongly and makes them shiny, while not gluing them together. For the precise application, it is perfect at seperating hair sections. How to use: Apply on dry hair as a product for finishing stylization Spread on hair from 20 cm distance, in circle movements

Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Flexible Hold Hair Spray 750ml

£6.14£35.00 ex vat
Within any range of styling products there should always be a group of products that offer flexible hold and that is exactly what you can expect from Silhouette Flexible Hold. The new FlexNet Technology ensures the product is spread faster and more evenly on the hair surface. FlexNet creates a lightweight and flexible ‘net’ over the hair that ensures hold. Provides invisible, long-lasting hold and volume, without weighing down the hair. Technical information: • Spray onto dry hair from a distance of approx. 30 cm.

Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Color Brilliance Foam 500ml

£5.90£33.63 ex vat
Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Color Brilliance foam is recommended for colour treated hair. It provides an ultra-strong and long lasting hold without a residue and stickiness. The mousse contains an innovative polymers technology and UV filters, which add a radiance and prolong the hair colour. How to use: Apply on wet hair and dry as usual. Results: Radiant and strongly set hairstyle. Schwarzkopf Professional is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the market. Its portfolio includes many best-known brands and best loved products in colourants, styling and hair care that can be found in salons and stores in every continent.

Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Color Brilliance Hair Spray

£5.90£41.96 ex vat
Developed specifically for styling colored hair. Silhouette Color Brilliance are products that provide extreme long-lasting, invisible hold while boosting the hair color with shine. The innovative high-shine polymer technology adds shine and provides hold whilst protecting the hair against color fading, thanks to an UV filter. Colored hair appears extraordinarily shiny and regular use helps to protect it against color fading. Technical information: • Use on dry colored hair. • Spray directly onto hair from a distance of approx. 30 cm. • Spray in small bursts.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Protective Cream 100ml

£4.10£24.60 ex vat
The Igora Skin Protection cream is used to protect the skin during colour service. Igora Skin Protection's formula prevents staining and irritation of skin. Protects the skin during colour service Prevents irritation Prevents unsightly stains Contains protective vitamin E Moisturises and softens the skin Directions for use: Apply the cream to areas susceptible to staining before colouring (along the hair line, on the ears and around the neck). After the colouring treatment, wash off the protective cream together with the dye. The result: Skin safe colour service. Protection against staining and irritation. Schwarzkopf Professional is one of the largest cosmetic companies on the global market. It operates in 125 countries around the world. The brand offers a wide range of products for hair styling, colouring and care. Everyone can find cosmetics tailored to the needs of their hair. Hairdressers will be able to stock their salons with the products they need for daily work.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Take Over Pastelfier Permanent Colour Crème 60ml Box of 3

£15.36 ex vat
Igora Royal Pastelfier colour crème is an additive product which can be used with all cremes within Igora Royal Take Over range. This colour crème makes it possible to achieve a more subtle colour effect. Dilutes the intensity of Igora Royal Take Over colour of your choice Gives pastel shade Gently brightens up and makes colour cooler Neutralises warm undertones Suitable for all hair types How to use: Mix colour with an Igora Royal developer of your choice in a mixing ratio of 1:1. Leave on for 30 -45 minutes.

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Take Over Disheveled Nudes 60ml Pack of 3

£13.80 ex vat
Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Take Over hair cream has been created in collaboration with six world-famous hair colourists. Disheveled Nudes represent pastel blond, brown and grey colours. Modern, subtle shades Allows to combine different colours Provide an excellent grey hair coverage Provides an even coverage on coarse hair Long-lasting and fade-resistant colour Suitable for all hair types

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Raw Essentials 60ml Pack of 3

£14.82 ex vat
Raw Essentials from Schwarzkopf Professional is a range of 4 permanent colours and elegant, deep shades of brown. The colourant provides a durable effect with a cool, powder-matt finish. Suitable for any hair type. The line was inspired by the latest trends in urban look combined with raw colours of nature. Refined, neutral shades of brown Intense colour pigments Durable, natural colour Matt finish with a subtle glow Thorough grey hair coverage Neutralization of red and orange undertones Recommended for overall colouring, highlighting, ombre effects, etc. All the Raw Essentials colours are also available in a range of semi-permanent Igora Vibrance Tone On Tone, which gives a wide range of opportunities for the colourist allowing them to adjust colouration to individual customer needs.

Schwarzkpof Professional Igora Nudes 60ml Pack of 3

£14.85 ex vat
Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Nude Tones is a colouring treatment in beige shades. They provide elegant and natural hair look. The hair colour guarantees long-lasting colour. It makes hair shiny and smooth. It regenerates and fortifies hair. It makes it possible to achieve colours from light beige to brown.

Schwarzkpof Professional Igora Absolutes Silver 60ml Pack of 3

£14.85 ex vat
Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Absolutes SilverWhite Tonal Refiner is designed for white and silver hair. It is based on demi-permanent technology. It reduces salt and pepper undertones, as well as yellow and matte undertones. Suitable for white and silver hair Based on demi-permanent technology Highlights hair colour Neutralizes salt and pepper undertones Reduces matte and yellow undertones 4 shades available Hair looks younger It contains Pro-Age complex with siliamine, collagen and a low concentration of ammonia, which reduce colour highlight and yellow undertones.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Color Expert Mousse 100ml Pack of 3

£14.52 ex vat
The Igora Expert Mousse colouring mousse is designed to refresh the hair colour and give it a beautiful, healthy glow. The product is extremely easy to use and efficient. It perfectly refreshes and cleanses matte colours, adding a chilled shade effect. With the innovative technology based on the action of lipid ingredients, it not only cares about the colour of the hair, but it also brings out its depth and emphasizes the natural glow. Nourishing colouring mousse Refreshes hair colour Adds beautiful shine Does not alter the hair condition Very easy and convenient to use The colour becomes more intense and deeper Does not damage hair Hair colouring without obligations Covers grey hair up to 20% Nourishes and revitalizes the hair Lasts up to 8 washes Offsets yellowing of hair Schwarzkopf Igora Mousse not only allows you to change the colour tone, but also reduces the yellow tint on the hair and allows you to freely combine colours.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Color Remover 250ml

£4.10£24.60 ex vat
The Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Color Remover is a fluid intended to remove color residues from the skin that can occur during coloring. A quick, comfortable and efficient way of getting rid of unwanted marks. It does not irritate the skin. Has a very pleasant scent.

Schwarzkopf Professional Fibreplex No.3 Bond Maintainer Post-Colour Treatment 100ml

£6.49£36.99 ex vat
Fibreplex Treatment is suitable for all hair types. This is the third stage of the Fibreplex treatment, which protects your hair from damage after colouring or bleaching your hair and adding highlights. Use it twice a week as home treatment. Helps maintain good hair condition Creates new bonds within the hair fibre Protects nails from mechanical damage Balances pH level Provides a long-lasting, shiny colour Thanks to Fibre Bond 4.5 technology, Fibreplex products enforce the bonds inside the hair and stimulate the creation of new structural bonds. Hair is protected after colouring or bleaching processes and is less prone to breakage. In addition, durability of the colour is extended and hair is full of healthy shine.

Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Oil Developer 1Ltr

£5.32£30.32 ex vat available on subscription
Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Oil Developer is an essential oxidant for hair colouring using the hair dye from the same range The Essensity formula is 90% natural, it does not irritate the scalp and it does not contain artificial fragrances. The strength 2.5% is recommended for toning or darkening the hair The strength 5.5% is recommended for toning the hair Provides up to 30% grey hair coverage Nourishes and protects the hair fibres Creates a creamy mixture, which is easy to apply Enhances the hair shiny finish Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Oil Developer contains beeswax, rich in vitamin A, proteins and minerals, which condition, nourish and strengthen the hair. In conjunction with Essensity hair colour, it provides long lasting and shiny finish.

Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Colour Pack of 3

£14.79 ex vat
Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity hair color provides a permanent hair colouring treatment without ammonia. The Essensity formula is 90% natural, it does not irritate the scalp and it does not contain artificial fragrances. Provides an even, natural colour Provides up to 100% grey hair coverage Provides up to 4 levels of lift Supplies up to 30% more shine and colour intensity Lasts up to 50% longer Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity hair color contains lipid-rich plant oils, which regenerate and strengthen the hair. They facilitate the colour pigments penetrate into the hair fibres, providing long-lasting and shiny effect.

Silhouette Super Hold Mousse 500ml Box of 3

£23.61 ex vat
Provides super hold while maintaining great shine and vitality For maximum volume and long lasting, invisible, strong hold Doesn't overburden the hair Quick drying without stickiness Brushes out easily

Silhouette Color Brilliance Hairspray Box of 3

£23.61£26.23 ex vat
Provides outstanding shine and even more super hold. Coloured hair appears extraordinarily brilliant With colour protecting UV-filter Regular use helps to protect against color fading Formulation dries quickly and provides long last super hold Brushes out easily

Bold Color Wash 300ml

£8.32£47.42 ex vat
Suitable for all hair types Free from sulphates Long lasting

BlondMe Bond Lifting 60ml

£4.92 ex vat available on subscription
High performance lifting shades Up to 5 levels of lift Lifting & toning in 1 easy step For natural bases 6 or lighter