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Wella Professional Illumina Opal Essence 60ml

£6.15 ex vat available on subscription
The Wella Illumina Color Opal-Essence is an excellent way to permanent, yet subtle colouration. The iridescent shades ensure beautiful illumination and subtle colour modification.
  •          5 iridescent shades to choose from
  •          Provides a metallic, pearlescent finish
  •          Creates a multi-dimensional colour
  •          Combines warm and cool reflections
  •          The resulting tones are pure tones without colour depth
  •          The product can be used at home combined with the Welloxon emulsion
  •          It can be combined with classic Wella Illumina Color dyes.
  •          Does not cover gray hair
The Illumina Color Opal-Essence colours were developed using the Revelation process (an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence), which allowed to precisely capture the hues desired by colourists contributing to the formation of the line.  

Wella Professionals Illumina Colour 60ml

£6.15 ex vat available on subscription
The Illumina Hair Color is the newest product from Wella Professionals for permanent hair coloring. It provides up to 100% grey hair coverage and perfectly luminous blonde hair. The specially developed Microlight Technology imitates the natural shine of the hair, does not deposit the color inside the hair cuticle and guarantees that the hair is left glossy and full of shine. Additionally, the hair color does not react with the metals left on the hair fibers. Thus the pigments do not wash out up to 6 weeks and the color stays beautiful and natural. The unique formula provides even coverage of the entire hair surface, which is why the color is even and perfectly applied. The Illumina hair color is available in 20 shades, from warm to cool blondes. As a result, the hair has 20% less cuticle damage and up to 70% more light reflection. The benefits of using the Illumina hair color are an extremely beautiful, deep and long-lasting color and healthy, strong hair that is full of shine.