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Sienna X Dappen Dish

£5.61£11.22 ex vat available on subscription
Sienna X Dappen Dish is used for mixing and preparing eyelash tint and peroxide prior to application.

Sienna X Lint Free Cotton Pads

£4.04£96.90 ex vat available on subscription
Perfect for using to apply all pre and post skincare products, including Cleanser, Oil and Creme, the lint-free cotton pads ensure waxing is a clean and professional treatment. Each pack contains 500 pads.

Sienna X Clamp On Light

£33.95 £28.86 ex vat
See what you’re doing more easily with this handy clamp-on-light, designed especially for your spray tan cubicle.

Sienna X Clamp-On Light Bulb

£8.49£50.95 ex vat
Replacement 11W daylight low-energy bulb for your Sienna X Clamp-On Light. This is a must-have accessory for spray tan therapists working in poor lighting. – Produces light similar to daylight – Safe low voltage to reduce the risk of burning

Sienna X Disposable Latex-Free Gloves Pack of 50 Pairs

£4.95£23.76 ex vat available on subscription
Avoid tell-tale signs of tanning with these pairs of latex-free gloves.

Disposable Beauty Roll 10 inch Box of 10

£27.60 £22.19 ex vat available on subscription
There are a number of essential extras that every spray tan therapist needs, and a roll of disposable paper is certainly one of them.

Sienna X Tweezerman Eyebrow Shaping Scissors and Brush

£22.00 £18.33 ex vat
Custom crafted and ergonomically designed with sharp, thin blades that isolate each hair for optimum accuracy and control when trimming and shaping brows. Includes brow brush.

Sienna X Tweezerman Pro Tweezers

£21.95 £18.29 ex vat
Famous for its precision, the award winning Tweezerman Professional Slant tweezers have perfectly aligned hand finished tips guaranteed to grab the hair every time.

Sienna X Mini Wax Pot Eyebrow Heater

£25.00 £23.75 ex vat
Streamline your professional workspace with this Mini Wax Pot Eyebrow Heater. A must for busy professionals.

Sienna X Large Beauty Couch Roll 20 inch Box of 10

£27.60 £22.20 ex vat available on subscription
Demonstrate your professionalism by making sure you offer a hygienic treatment, avoid cross contamination and keep your couch clean, by using our inexpensive disposable couch roll.

Sienna X Beauty Couch Cover PVC

£11.97£61.47 ex vat
Keep your couch and treatment area clean and professional with a couch cover

Sienna X Brow Ruler Pack of 50

£8.50£50.74 ex vat available on subscription
The ultimate tool for creating perfect, accurately shaped brows to suit your client’s natural features and preference.

Sienna X Brow Photo Frames

£15.05£30.09 ex vat available on subscription
Sienna X Brow Photo Frames Box of 10 for before and after shots

Sienna X Eyebrow Brush Tint Applicator

£4.25£42.50 ex vat
Perfect for the preparation and application of tint to the eyebrows and lashes.

Sienna X Birchwood Waxing Sticks Pack of 20

£12.33£61.63 ex vat available on subscription
A twenty pack of Birchwood Waxing Sticks, Sienna X delivers the perfect tool for precise brow waxing!

Sienna X Pack of 200 Mini Eyebrow Spatulas

£1.26 £1.13 ex vat available on subscription
Eliminate the need to double dip by using our disposable spatulas - a cost effective way of providing a hygienic treatment for your clients. Perfect for precision eyebrow waxing, these spatulas feature one ultra-thin end allowing you to get a sharper look and the perfect eyebrow wax. Contains 200 spatulas.